Action Reading Phonics

Action Reading Teaching Systems

Action Reading products are guaranteed to work!
Developed by master educators, thousands of ACTION READING programs are in use in schools and homes across the country. Teachers and learners are enthusiastic about the ACTION READING phonics instruction method.

ACTION READING Products include the renown Action Reading system for use in schools and equally effective home use versions developed by Jeanie Eller.

They are Fast - They are Fun and most important THEY WORK!

The School Program will teach reading to students in one school year or less. Children who learn how to apply phonics knowledge with the ACTION READING program will be able to read fluently and with comprehension. Reading can be taught successfully in the earliest grades to assure a student can spend the rest of his educational years learning other subjects.

A student can and should be taught to read in one school year or less !

The home tutoring systems include reading programs for every age and a companion spelling program. Jeanie Eller guarantees the Action Reading school teaching program and the FUNdamentals home learn to read program will work.

Adults, poor readers, persons labeled with learning disabilities, tutors and parents with children from preschool through high school will be truly pleased with the results of Action Reading products. It is not uncommon for a child to learn to read with this program in less than a month and Jeannie even taught 10 illiterate adults to read in two weeks on the Oprah Winfrey Show!

"I am extremely excited about the potential this program has to change the face of education and long term futures for children and adults across the country. Action Reading is the solution to illiteracy."
Charles Smith, President, Montgomery Council of PTA, Montgomery, AL